Inside Thinking Thoughts on ‘Upskirting should be a criminal offence’. ​

There have been lots of discussions involving the issue on upskirting and whether it should be considered a criminal offence. I share my inside thinking thoughts on the debate, weighing the for and the against discussions.

Upskirting is the act of a person discretely looking up a woman’s skirt or dress (and may even photograph the act). It is a violation of a woman’s privacy and personal space and also shames them for wearing a dress or skirt. It is interesting and uplifting that there is desired action to be taken against this act.

A major issue with the idea is that it should be an offence unless permission is given. However, how would one classify permission? Some men and women would consider flirty eye contact alone could be classified as permission, however, is this a flaw in the offence, how can somebody judge it as an offence with permission?

Politicians have been arguing over a reasonable punishment for the offence. A fine is a deemed a fairly reasonable punishment. However, the discussion about imprisonment is where the conversation tangles, would it be considered too extreme?

My overall thoughts on the upskirting offence debate are that as a woman, of course, I would want it to be an offence, however, the process and predicament would be too hard to achieve. The punishments, evidence provided and judgement on the case would sadly be too difficult to process.

What are your thoughts on it? Let me know! – InsideThinkingThoughts x


What a real ‘Father’ means

Being a dad is not about blood relations, sharing the same surname or looking alike. I will never know my real ‘father’. The man who gave me half my DNA, whom I may look like, whom I may act like, is a mystery to me. If he ever bothered to contact me, I would never want to get to know him because he is a stranger, he is a nobody.

For as long as I can remember, my step dad has been there from the start. I shiver at even thinking about calling him that, to me, he will always be known as my dad. He has been there to feed me, take care of me and support me and my family. To me, he is what a real ‘father’ is and should be. Perhaps we do not share the same blood surname or physical features, but he is and will always be my father.

Happy Father’s Day. 

What do you think makes a dad? Let me know – InsideThinkingThoughts x

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How to successfully get likes on Facebook today

There have been many articles on the ‘Facebook algorithm’ and how ambiguous the entire site is. Who sees what? Why do I see posts days from the post date? In this post, I will be examining the various techniques you can do in order to achieve more likes on your Facebook post and essentially, how to train your Facebook algorithm.

Timing – The time you post on Facebook is essential. Never post on Friday nights and weekends. People are less likely to be on Facebook, as they are most likely to be out and less likely to be on Facebook – depending on the type of people you are friends with, but most days off and plans are made during these times. The best time to post is during the week in the evenings around and after 6pm as most people are active on Facebook during this time – they’ll be home from work, eating dinner and flicking through their social media to see what they missed during their day shifts.

Like for a like – Liking other people’s post before and after your post will get you likes on Facebook. Like gift giving, there is an established foundation of an obligation to give back. So with this logic, the more you like about other people’s post, the more likes you will receive back. Yeah, maybe it will be pity likes back, but a likes a like, and more likes you get, the more visible you will be on the Facebook algorithm. This leads us to my last technique.

Activity – The more active you are on Facebook, the more you will appear on other people’s newsfeed with ‘so and so liked so and so’s picture/status’. Alongside this, the more you like of your friends Facebook posts, you will appear in their notifications – giving them a chance to remember that you exist (on their Facebook). As people add more friends on Facebook, the fewer people will appear on your Facebook newsfeed as there is only so much they can fit. It makes you more visible to your Facebook Friends newsfeeds and the Facebook algorithm.

Hopefully, these techniques work! I gave these tips to my friends and from 8-10 likes, they boosted to 25-30, so hopefully, it works with you guys – good luck and get liking!

And there we have it! Did you try these techniques? And did they work? Let me know – InsideThinkingThoughts x



Yesterday the Irish abortion referendum resulted in ‘YES’ to drop the amendment. The amendment basically considered the life of the unborn child as equal to the mothers. This meant that if the pregnant woman had been raped or was aware of any biological issues that may reside within the child, they were unable to have an abortion.

I believe that this was the correct result for Ireland. Having a baby is an incredibly personal choice and experience, only the pregnant woman will really understand the feeling, suffering, and sacrifices, so ultimately she should be able to have the choice of whether to keep the child. Thus, the government has no right to get involved. I understand that it can be particularly upsetting for those who want to have children but are physically unable to themselves and that others may see the circumstances as murder, however, like I said, I think it is a completely personal decision and experience for the mother.

‘YES’ Ireland.

What are your thoughts on the referendum? Let me know – InsideThinkingThoughts x


Royal wedding theories

Did you guys watch the royal wedding yesterday? If you didn’t, you just missed Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding ceremony. They stood up in front of their friends and family and many, many famous people and vowed to be together forever.

Since yesterday, there have already been many YouTube videos, news articles and tweets about whether the couple’s love will last, whether they love each other and if there is a foreseeable divorce. It’s a shame really.

I’m not a huge fan of the royals but it’s not like I dislike them. I know many people are not fans of Meghan Markle. However, I do not think it’s right for media sites to question a couple’s love for each other. I believe that the only people who will understand a relationship are those who are in it.

So because I have honestly not seen much of this: congratulations Harry and Meghan!

Did you watch the royal wedding yesterday? Let me know what you thought – InsideThinkingThoughts x


Teacher Appreciation Day

A few days ago, it was ‘Teacher Appreciation Day’. It got me thinking about the all the teachers I’ve had in my education lifetime. I’ve decided to share the best ones with you guys.

In reception, I had a teacher called Ms Lewis. I remember her as kind but strict. She would line us all up outside of class before we entered from break time like an army march. I remember looking at the school gate and seeing my mother and sister waiting to collect me, unable to contain my excitement, I waved frantically at them. Ms Lewis saw my excited behaviour, came over and pretended to sprinkle something over me and whispered “we must contain our excitement, this is fairy dust, to help you”.

In secondary school, there were many teachers who made me reflect on the day, however two in particular.

Ms Pescott was my English teacher. Wise and knowledgable with a firm hand. She was strong and was never afraid to tell anyone off. She was an honest teacher. Our school was a bit of a mad house, like any public school, you always had to deal with kids who wanted unnecessary distracting attention in class. I remember boys in my year talking about Ms Pescott, calling her all sorts, the typical labels that stick with strong women. Yet those comments never phased her.

The other was Ms Haefner, complete juxtaposition from Ms Pescott. Warm and kind, everyone loved her. She would read to us in class, putting on all sorts of accents and characteristics, intriguing us all. Fun fact – she ended up teaching my eldest sister, myself and my youngest sister.

As I went to college, I realised female teachers had a massive impact on my life, but there came along Edward (we switched from Sir and Miss to first names). He was wise and unfortunately it’s only till now, that I can truly appreciate him. In the moment he taught me, I disliked him for his criticism. I believed him to be wrong, unfair and rude. Instead, today I realise he was only trying to make me a better writer. Today, I can truly appreciate him and his criticism.

All these teachers kindness, knowledge and criticism have made me realise that they all contributed to who makes me today. So if you were unaware it was ‘Teacher Appreciation Day’ the other day, think about all your teachers today, cause they have done a lot more than just teach you.

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Should we care about celebrities?

With the recent dramas of current celebrities, it really got me thinking… should we care about celebrities actions and words?

Personally, I’m not keen to know what their favourite chocolate is, if they did or did not tip at a restaurant or if they cheated on their so called “long life partner”. If we put their actions and words into perspective, they are normal people performing ordinary everyday things which unfortunately, the bad stuff is publicised twenty-four-seven. I also think that idolising them, following them and social media “tracking” them is wrong. Idolising is unhealthy, in all forms, and I think people forget that they are ordinary people who may or may not be more attractive or talented than us, but their actions and words are broadcasted globally, good and bad.

Do you guys like celebrities? Let me know if you idolise any and why – InsideThinkingThoughts x